Quick Answer: What Does The Word Moderate?

What is a moderate risk?

This means that there is significant potential for dangerous weather compared to Slight Risk and Enhanced Risk areas.

Typically, a Moderate Risk area is issued when a widespread severe storm or tornado outbreak is expected..

What is a synonym for moderate?

SYNONYMS. average, modest, medium, middling, ordinary, common, commonplace, everyday, workaday. tolerable, passable, adequate, fair, decent. mediocre, indifferent, uninspired, undistinguished, unexceptional, unexciting, unremarkable, run-of-the-mill, lacklustre, forgettable, inferior, second-rate.

What does the word moderate mean in medical terms?

In medicine, when talking about how severe an illness or symptom is, both mild and moderate are used. In this context, the adjective moderate expresses something stronger, more severe than mild.

What do you mean by moderate rainfall?

Moderate rain — when the precipitation rate is between 2.5 mm (0.098 in) – 7.6 mm (0.30 in) or 10 mm (0.39 in) per hour. Heavy rain — when the precipitation rate is > 7.6 mm (0.30 in) per hour, or between 10 mm (0.39 in) and 50 mm (2.0 in) per hour.

What are 3 examples of moderate activity?

Moderate physical activities include:Walking briskly (about 3½ miles per hour)Bicycling (less than 10 miles per hour)General gardening (raking, trimming shrubs)Dancing.Golf (walking and carrying clubs)Water aerobics.Canoeing.Tennis (doubles)

What are moderate activities?

Moderate-intensity activities are those that get you moving fast enough or strenuously enough to burn off three to six times as much energy per minute as you do when you are sitting quietly, or exercises that clock in at 3 to 6 METs. Vigorous-intensity activities burn more than 6 METs.

What is the opposite word of moderate?

“moderate your speed” Antonyms: unreasonable, immoderate, steep, extremist, abnormal, extreme, sinful, far, intense, stark, exaggerated, overdone, inordinate, intemperate, excessive, radical, unconscionable, usurious, overstated, all-fired, outrageous, exorbitant, extraordinary, extortionate, undue, ultra, over-the-top.

What does moderate mean weather?

A moderate risk indicates the possibility of a significant severe weather episode. High risk: Severe weather is expected to affect more than 10 percent of the area. A high risk is rare, and implies an unusually dangerous situation and usually the possibility of a major severe weather outbreak.

What does moderate your speech mean?

reasonable and avoiding extreme opinions or actions. She was on the moderate wing of the party. The tone of his speech was quite moderate. Synonyms and related words.

What is the root word of moderate?

Moderate comes from the Latin for “medium sized,” and as a noun and an adjective it means “middle, medium.” If you get moderate rainfall, it’s not too much and not too little. …

What is an example of moderate?

The definition of moderate is something that is average, mild or within reasonable limits. … An example of moderate is a warm day that is neither hot nor cold. An example of moderate is someone in the middle of the political spectrum who is neither a strong Republican nor a strong Democrat.

What does moderate condition mean?

1 not extreme or excessive; within due or reasonable limits. moderate demands. 2 not violent; mild or temperate. 3 of average quality or extent.

Is Moderate better than average?

is that average is (not comparable) constituting or relating to the average while moderate is not excessive; acting in moderation.

What is above moderate?

moderate (= between normal and severe) moderately severe (= not the worst case, nor in the middle) severe (= worst form of disease)

Is medium and moderate the same?

Medium vs Moderate vs average What are the difference between medium, average and moderate, when I check the dictionary it seems similar or almost same. So anyone please explain the differences? Medium means in the middle. … Moderate means not extreme.

What does moderate improvement mean?

moderate adjective (MEDIUM-SIZED) neither small nor large in size, amount, degree, or strength: … There has been a moderate improvement in her health since she began the treatment.

What does moderate size mean?

intermediate in size1. moderate-sized – intermediate in size. medium-size, medium-sized, moderate-size. sized – having a specified size. Based on WordNet 3.0, Farlex clipart collection.

Who is a moderate person?

A moderate is considered someone occupying any mainstream position avoiding extreme views and major social change. In United States politics, a moderate is considered someone occupying a centre position on the left–right political spectrum.