Question: Who Is The Most Famous Female Scientist?

Who is the best and famous female scientist in India?

10 Indian women and their invaluable contribution in the field of ScienceAsima Chatterjee.

Asima Chatterjee’s contribution to organic chemistry was huge.


Indira Hinduja.

Shubha Tole.

Darshan Ranganathan.

Paramjit Khurana.


Tessy Thomas.

Usha Barwale Zehr.More items….

Who is the No 1 scientist in India?

CV Raman is the pride of many Indian Physicists. He is the man behind the discovery of the Raman Effect. This Indian physicist also won Nobel Prize in 1930 for his discovery.

Which country has most scientists?

ChinaGap-filled total. Scientific and technical article counts are from journals classified by the Institute for Scientific Information’s Science Citation Index (SCI) and Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI)….List of countries by number of scientific and technical journal articles.RankCountryArticles published (2018)1China528,2632United States422,8083India135,7884Germany104,396161 more rows

What is the scientific name of woman?

It means scientific name of female is home sapiens because scientific names are not based on the gender of an organism. Scientific names show the genus and specie of particular organism.

Who is the mother of science?

Mathematics is considered as the mother of all sciences because it is a tool which solves problems of every other science. Other subjects like biology, Chemistry or Physics is based on simple chemical solutions.

Who is the first woman scientist of India?

Asima ChatterjeeAsima Chatterjee received a master’s degree (1938) and a doctoral degree (1944) in organic chemistry from the Rajabazar Science College campus of University of Calcutta. She was the first Indian woman to earn a doctorate in science.

Who was the first scientist on Earth?

Aristotle is considered by many to be the first scientist, although the term postdates him by more than two millennia. In Greece in the fourth century BC, he pioneered the techniques of logic, observation, inquiry and demonstration.

Who is the best scientist alive in the world?

The 10 greatest living scientists in the world todayTimothy Berners-Lee.Stephen Hawking (UPDATE: Hawking died on March 14, 2018)Jane Goodall.Alan Guth.Ashoke Sen.James Watson.Tu Youyou.Noam Chomsky.More items…•

What was the first ever invention?

Made nearly two million years ago, stone tools such as this are the first known technological invention. This chopping tool and others like it are the oldest objects in the British Museum.

Who is the most famous scientist?

The following list commemorates 10 of the greatest scientists we’ve ever seen who changed the world.Nikola Tesla (1856-1943 AD)Albert Einstein (1879-1955 AD) … Sir Isaac Newton (1643-1727 AD) … Louis Pasteur (1822-1895 AD) … Marie Curie Sklodowska (1867-1934 AD) … Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931 AD) … More items…•

Who is the father of science?

Galileo GalileiScience as a wholeFieldPerson/s considered “father” or “mother”Science (modern)Galileo Galilei (1564-1642)Science (ancient)Thales (c. 624/623-c. 548/545 BC)

Who is the first female scientist?

When it comes to the topic of women in science, Marie Curie usually dominates the conversation. After all, she discovered two elements, was the first women to win a Nobel Prize, in 1903, and was the first person to win a second Nobel, in 1911. But Curie was not the first female scientist.

Who is the best scientist in the India alive?

C.V Raman. © BCCL. C.V Raman is one of the most widely recognized and respected scientist of India for his pioneering work on scattering of light. … Anil Kakodkar. © BCCL. Dr. … Srinivasa Ramanujan. © Facebook. … Venkataraman Ramakrishnan. © BCCL.

Who is the famous Indian scientist?

List of Indian scientistsNameFieldYear of deathA.P.J Abdul KalamAerospace engineering2015Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman (C.V Raman)Physics1970Srinivasa RamanujanMathematics1920Satyendra Nath BoseMathematics, physics19745 more rows

Which Indian lady is best known for her contribution in the field of information technology?

Also known as the mother of computers, one of the early pioneers in the field of computer science, Ada Lovelace wrote the first algorithm intended to be executed by a computer. Like her, there are many women whose work and contribution changed the world forever.